Advanced In-Play Football Analytics: Master the Game with Pro Dashboard Filters

Unlock the full potential of live football analytics with the Football Pro Dashboard. Discover how our customizable filters and in-play stats can revolutionize your match predictions.

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January 10, 2024
Authors Georgi Apostolov
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Interact, Analyze, and Visualize with Football Pro Dashboard

The Football Pro Dashboard isn't just a tool. It's a comprehensive platform for real-time football match analysis. With interactive elements designed for you, the user, it's more than numbers—it's the story of the game at your fingertips.

Filtering Games by Criteria in In-Play View

Elevate your game analysis with the Football Pro Dashboard's robust filtering capabilities. Our tool is designed for the discerning analyst who demands precision and flexibility in their football predictions.

  • Stats Comparison: The 'Stats Difference' feature illuminates disparities in team performance, turning indicators red when differences exceed a 3.00 ratio.

For instance:

  • If Team A has thrice as many shots as Team B, this stat will be highlighted in red to indicate a notable discrepancy.

  • Score-Specific Matches: Filter to display matches with a 0-0 scoreline or equal results such as 1-1, 2-2, etc.

  • Lead-Specific Views: Choose to view matches where either the Home or Away team is currently leading.

Customizable Game Filtering

  • Stats Dropdown: Easily access a comprehensive list of game stats such as total shots, dangerous attacks, corners, possession metrics, cards issued, saves made, substitutions, free kicks, and penalties.

  • Sortable Filters: Organize your view by sorting through full-time stats, half-time stats, or even the critical moments with stats from the last 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes of play.

  • Key Event Insights: Filter statistics from just after the last goal was scored or the last red card was issued to understand how these pivotal moments affect the game's dynamics.

Predictive Edge

  • Track Game Flow: Utilize our filters to detect potential shifts in the match's momentum—giving you the analytical edge to anticipate outcomes and strategize accordingly.

Odds and Movement Tracking

  • Live Odds: Monitor real-time odds for 1x2, Asian Handicap, and Over/Under markets directly from the dashboard.
  • Price Trends: By hovering over an odd, visualize its fluctuation to assess market value.

Notification Console for Streamlined Football Analytics

Enhance your live game tracking with our purpose-built notification console. It's a seamless blend of convenience and functionality, providing real-time alerts during matches.

Real-Time Alerts

  • Instant Updates: Get notified about key events like goal scores or when specific models trigger.
  • Direct Match Access: A single click transports you to the match details, ensuring you never lose a second.

With the Football Pro Dashboard, immerse yourself in the game's flow, analyze patterns, and predict outcomes with greater accuracy.