SSTrader Index: Your Real-Time Football Performance Metric

Dive into the heart of the game with our dynamic index, capturing every shot, possession, and corner to bring you live insights like never before.

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January 10, 2024
Authors Georgi Apostolov
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Explore the SSTrader Index, a dynamic and real-time performance metric crucial for sports traders and football enthusiasts seeking deep match analysis.

Understanding the SSTrader Index

The SSTrader Index is calculated from live game actions, providing a numerical representation of a team's momentum and pressure:

  • Focus on Recent Play: Highlighting the intensity of actions such as shots, possessions, and corners, particularly within the last 10 minutes.

  • Real-Time Updates: The index is dynamic, continuously updated to reflect the current state of play.

  • Benchmarking Pressure: Scores over 70 on the index indicate a team is significantly pushing forward and dominating the game.

In the illustrated match example:

  • Zrinjski vs. Jedinstvo Bihać: Zrinjski shows a strong index of 44, suggesting more control over the game compared to Jedinstvo Bihać's index of 7, with the total match index at 51.

How the SSTrader Index Benefits Users

  • Enhanced Game Insights: It goes beyond traditional stats, offering a real-time pulse of the game's dynamics.

  • Strategic Betting: The index serves as a guide for making informed predictions and decisions in sports betting.

  • Interactive Engagement: Users can interact with a minute-by-minute graphical representation of the index's changes, providing an engaging way to follow the match.