Super Sports Trader: Guide to Pre-Match Stats on Football

Dive into the depths of football analytics with SSTrader's detailed pre-match stats guide. Turn data into predictions and outsmart the odds

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January 10, 2024
Authors Georgi Apostolov
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Welcome, Super Sports Traders! Let’s dive into the stats that will sharpen your football match predictions.

Stats Overview

Our platform delivers crucial stats:

  • Goals Scored & Conceded
  • Cards (for/against)
  • Corners (for/against)
  • Shots (on and off goal) (for/against)
  • Dangerous Attacks (for/against)
  • Total Shots (for/against)

These are tailored for home team's league games at home and away team's games away.

Why Specific Stats?

  • Isolate home advantage and exclude weaker away performances.
  • Remove cup match noise for purer performance insights.

Sorting & Analysis

  • Sort by Scoring: Locate top-scoring teams at home and away.
  • Example: Wolfsburg averages 1.4 goals at home; Augsburg averages 1.8 away.

Conceded Goals

  • Home/Away Defense: Goals conceded by home teams at home and away teams on the road.
  • Example: Wolfsburg concedes 1.8 at home; Augsburg concedes 1.20 away. High 'goals for' and 'goals against' suggests a likely high-scoring match.

Imbalance Indicators

  • Highlights in Yellow and Red: Mark significant statistical imbalance.
    • Red: Scored/conceded ratio greater than 3.
    • Yellow: Scored/conceded ratio 2 or more.

Odds Movement Chart

  • Clicking odds movement expands to a chart, showing trends over time.

Happy Predicting!